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Seven Habits of Highly Effective People worksheet

30 Mar

My bedroom is my sanctuary. Every Sunday, I make sure I have at least two hours to dedicate to myself and my mental wellbeing. I sit in my bedroom, with a closed door, and I plan, strategize, review my goals, give thanks, and evaluate the past week.

I have started using Steven Covey’s worksheet. It allows you to see yourself as a person that wears many hats: wife, daughter, teacher, student, friend, etc. and then you set goals for each role. You also schedule activities that benefit your wellbeing, called “sharpening the saw” activities. Such activities include reading, exercise, meditation, calling a friend, volunteering, spending time with your pets, writing, and perhaps even knitting?

I have looked at the past week and saw that I have accomplished SO much. Sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit for being productive. Usually I feel like I have not done anything but then I wonder as to why I am so tired at the end of the week… After looking at the past week’s worksheet, it was clear that I have been extremely productive and proactive. It is clear that I have taken care of my mind and my body, in addition to having a full time job, taking doctoral classes and being a good wife and friend.

I am proud of myself and my body and mind. Apart from doing an outstanding job at my full time job, I have had tutoring sessions with a student thus earning extra money to put towards my travel.
Apart from being a diligent doctoral student, I have reached out to our board of education and filed for tuition reimbursement.
In addition, I have spent quality time with my hubby and made sure the house is clean, warm and welcoming.
Apart from all that I did strength training two times, went for a refreshing walk once, and went to two 90 minute hot yoga classes yesterday and today. On Thursday I have gone to SoShimSa for an extended sitting of meditation. Yesterday I have dedicated two full hours to reading my book called NW.

I have also bonded with a friend over lunch and had written a long overdue email to a friend of mine in Switzerland. A and I have watched a film last night and had dinner and talked.

I have just read what I have written and I am amazed at how productive I have been for the past week. In general, I am a very active kind of person, but I have never actually taken into account all the things I do during the week and on a weekend.

I’d like to ask my readers, how do you evaluate your week? Is there a tool you would like to share? Thank you so much!


Tiny Habits by Success Magazine

22 Mar

Tiny Habits by Success Magazine

When the phone rings, I grab a head set and start lunges or walking. “When I …, then I….”. Simple? Read on!

Self evaluation – looking back at the passed week

16 Mar

The past week was a great week. You don’t realize how much you do. Let us see…

Apart from teaching all week and tutoring students privately, I have found time to do the following things:

Monday – strength training for 1 hour.
Tuesday – a 30 minute hike in the Great Swamp Nature reserve.
Wednesday – strength training for 45 minutes
Thursday – school work and read some more of NW.
Friday – treated myself to two episodes of the Borgias, then grad school work.
Saturday- 90 minutes of Vinyasa yoga in the morning, in the afternoon- a walk with hubby. Stats midterm for. MOOC from U Berkeley.
Today is Sunday. I have another 90 minutes of Vinyasa, then a movie with hubby, then…. Chores: ironing, TED videos, higher ed reading, and perhaps read some more of my book or go for a walk.

How is your Sunday looking?

Feeling better….

10 Mar

For the past three weeks I have been feeling very out of sorts, both mentally and physically. I have been trying to resolve some problems with mom (the eternal pain in my neck) and couldn’t do it…. I think I need to give her a bit more time… She just refuses to talk to me – plain and simple. And I, on the other hand, just cannot wrap my head around how angry and bitter she can be. She can avoid you for months, even years. It is a painful topic that usually gets me out of my good mood.

I am trying to accept the way she is. Trying.

Apart from that, I have been working hard in my professional life. I love my job and I love being a part of my doctoral program. I am super self disciplined and stay on top of all of my assignments. I think discipline is key when you are going to grad school. It only seems unmanageable if you do it all at once. I break it up. For instance, on Saturday I do a little higher ed, then stats. Then on Sunday I do both of my stats courses (Seton Hall and Berkeley).

I am also starting to slowly go back to my workout routine- hot yoga on weekends and strength training at the gym during the week. Today I have over fulfilled my 30 minutes quota by another 30 minutes. Yay me 🙂

Lastly, I have been going to SoShimSa for my weekly meditation session – extended sitting, for pros, like me 😉

Please send your positive energy so that I can continue with all that is good. Thank you for reading!


I have a date with myself….

10 Mar

At the gym. Gonna get in ON! 🙂



How much time do I spend on…

7 Feb

On Friday night I have outlined as exactly what I’d like to be spending my precious time on… And here it is…


Hate working out? Try these tips.

17 Nov

I have always been super thin, borderline bony. Never HAD to go to the gym. A few years ago, as I hit the big 3-0, I have decided to join the gym. Fast forward to now, I have gained considerable muscle, body tone, and strength. Here are some of my tried and true fitness tips:

1. Bring a book/iPad/iPhone for your cardio. I get bored very easily and bringing a book to read, a TED video to watch or a lecture to listen to helps when I have 20 minutes of cardio to get through.

2. Mix up your strength training routine. Get an app from Google Play with ideas and do a bunch of different exercises every time you come. The workout “rut” is the worst, mix things up! Try exercises that are out of your comfort zone (for me that you be medicine ball). Don’t worry about looking “silly” or clumsy.

3. Look at your workout time as an investment into “you”. Feel good about yourself, be proud that you have made it to the gym/park/basement. The fact that you are already there is an accomplishment. Enjoy and be proud.

4. Actually schedule it into your day. And hold that commitment. You would cancel a date with a friend, then why are you canceling a date with yourself?

5. I don’t believe in rewards. My rewards are as follows: a lean, healthy body. A healthy, strong heart. Clear mind, strong willpower. Better mood. Looking great in the pencil skirt. Coworkers asking how I maintain looking like this. The fact that, as I age (happens to everybody), my body will maintain its strength and resilience.

I hope you find these tips helpful 🙂


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