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Daily Inspiration…

25 May





Let go and enjoy…

25 May

We can so learn from this lion cub, playing in the leaves… Leg go and enjoy.


4AM Early Morning Wake Ups

15 May

Back in June of last year and up to January I have been waking up at 4am. And I used to love it. Then doctoral classes kept me up until 10-11pm so these early wake ups (which I absolutely love), stopped happening.

This week I have been training myself to go back to waking up at 4AM. My husband and I are usually out of the door at 6:30 so I have two and a half uninterrupted hours to do the things I enjoy. Coffee, journal, read for inspiration, meditate – all that is done in the morning.

Have a great day, everyone!


Pay it forward act of the week

10 May

Inspired by the Happsters proposition, I have left our wonderful mail lady a little thank you card last Monday. I kept watching it and it was there for a few days and then she took it. I wonder whether she was nervous or thought it may have been something bad…

I am glad she took it and glad I have done this Happy Explosion Pay It Forward Act. Looking forward to much more!


Conscious of My Time, Part 2

10 May

The productivity experiment continues. The notebook is ready, and so is the pencil. Up at 5:45, I have been writing down every single thing I have done today, with the exact times. For instance- 3:30 to 4:40 – a walk with A, or 5:50 to 6:10- diary entry, or 2:30 to 3:30 – EdX course.

Because this strategy makes you SO aware of your time, you cannot help but be productive with things that matter.

Often we do not give ourselves credit for all the things we do. When I looked at my checklist yesterday, I was in awe how much I have done and all the things I have accomplished.

Tomorrow I will continue my little experiment and will update this blog 🙂 now, where is my little notebook?


Conscious of my time

9 May

Time is a precious commodity. Do not remember who said it but it stuck with me.

Today I took my little notebook (it is literally a size of my palm) and was writing down everything I did today. Eat, walk, work,relax, everything went on that list.


Turns out, I am very conscious of my time! Even when I am relaxing it tends to be very “productive” relaxation – read a book, write a blog post, meditate, do breathing exercises. Or take a 20 minutes nap. It is rarely “watch TV” or go on social networking.

My question to you is: how do you keep yourself in check as to where you spend your time? Please reply in the comments.

Today, while taking a walk in my neighborhood, I have stumbled on so many pretty flowers. Here are some of them:










On birthdays, expectations and friendship

3 May

I am the person that is a loyal friend and someone who will always remember your birthday. I am also a friend that will expect YOU to remember mine. If not, then perhaps we are not meant to be friends.

I have a friend who lives overseas these days. I always remember her birthday and make sure that she receives a birthday card just in time. She never remembers mine. When she still lived here, she remembered because we usually went out somewhere. I still would like to be her friend and keep in contact but the inability to be a responsible adult annoys me greatly.

Perhaps I have to stop doing the following: making people feel special. For instance, I have an agenda where I write down all of my friends’ birthdays and I rewrite it every New year so that during the course of the year I can go ahead and congratulate that person. I always keep a stack of birthday cards in case it is someone’s birthday at work. So what that it is just a co-worker of mine? I know how nice it feels to open a birthday card so when I overhear a buzz it is someone’s birthday at work, I will sign the card and slip it into their mailbox in the main office.

When it is a close colleague of mine(and also a friend) is celebrating their birthday, I like to get a small gift for them, in addition to the card. Perhaps a journal, or a book, or a chocolate bar.

I also need to lower my expectations of people. Just because I am a very loyal friend that will gift you a very meaningful gift, show up for your party, make time to go out for drinks, and drive you home afterwards- does not mean that the rest of the people are like that.

My friends are a prime example. Here is what I got yesterday from my closest friends:

1. One Facebook wall post from one friend, sent her a birthday card for her birthday.
2. One text message and a phone call from another. Showed up at her birthday party with a gift.
3. A Facebook message and a voicemail from the third. Went to both her and her husband’s birthdays, with gifts.
4. None from a fourth friend. Actually, she is not really my friend anymore so that is ok. I have mailed her a card last year.
5. A Facebook message and a text message from a fifth friend. Went to her birthday party this year, with a gift.
6. A text from my sixth friend. Gave a gift to him last year.
7. Nothing from my seventh friend. Sent a card to him last year.
8. Nothing from the in laws, called last year, gave a gift.
9. A phone call from my dad in Russia and nothing from mom or brother.

My husband, however, compensated for all of them, put together. He knows me welling makes me feel more than appreciated.

How can I sum up this post?

It is clear that I am disappointed in my friends for being inconsiderate. It is clear I need to tune my gift giving tendencies down. It is also clear that I should lower my expectations.. Just because I remember everyone’s birthday does not mean they remember mine which shows me that not everyone is as loyal as myself, and not everyone believes in a fact that friendship in a two way street.

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