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Saturday gratitude

2 Nov

Lately I have been so busy that I may have fell out of touch with my values. I felt uncomfortable, scared, vulnerable. Partly because some petty problems arose this past week – a company screwed up our bill, condo association raised their fees, co-workers were hostile and uncooperative, research papers came back, crushed. But. But. The bill was straightened out (their fault). Association have not raised their fees in 3 years and it only added about 11 dollars to our bill, co-workers will get over their problems on their own, research papers will be edited and sent back. It’s life. Something always comes up. Always. Just when you think you have everything under your control, something happens. One thing or the other. I think the secret is to look at those small, petty problems with a philosophical outlook- they come and they go kind of approach.

Yesterday, A and I went for a lovely, fall walk. Although it was cold, the air was so fresh and the leaves so magnificent!

A Weekend in Boston

11 Oct

This weekend my hubby and I are in Boston for our brother-in-law’s wedding. A. Is performing a ceremony as justice of peace and I am just along for the ride, to celebrate our sweet brother and sister this weekend, Paul and Brooke.

I have never been to Boston before and, so far, I am loving this town. We are staying in a hotel on Tremont street, right in Boston theater district.

Last night, at the rehearsal dinner:

This morning we got breakfast, walked around and snapped some pictures. And although it was raining and cold, we had a nice time exploring this part of town!




Fascinating manikins at Newberry Street:

Boston Public Library:

A tiny chocolate shop sandwiched in between two huge buildings:

Their wedding is tonight, so I will try to post some more pictures soon.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Fire pit is critical for fall…

22 Sep




Enjoying the fire last Friday night 🙂 ahhhh it’s the little things in life…

So stressed…

14 Sep

This Sunday afternoon and…

I was feeling just. So. Stressed.
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My cat Apollo

20 Aug


“Please, God,  if I be a good kittie, may I have two cans of cat food tonight?”




“I’m just gonna try to be a goat. Mmmeeeeeeeeeehhhhh”

My New Neighborhood

21 Jun

This morning I have ventured out into my new neighborhood with my camera.

Plainfield, New jersey has a very bad reputation but certain areas of Plainfield are really nice, A former governor of New Jersey, Jim McGreevy, lives in Plainfield – his house is an ivy covered colonial. Check out some of the houses in my neighborhood – some of them are so beautiful and just full of old charm.


Evening light

16 Jun

Backyard in the evening light calms my soul after a long day at work… I feel peaceful, the scent of citronella candle lingering around me. Deer come to visit… Neighbors scraping the yard. Night bird chirps here and there. Evening light slowly fades.





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