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Early Morning Riser Observations

3 Sep

Good morning. It’s 4:17 AM. It’s still dark out.

I have made coffee, and plan to finish my book before sunrise.

I noticed something today. In my condominium development, there are four other early risers. I usually see their bathroom windows lit up when I wake up at 4… I even think we are developing a certain sense of camaraderie… Or at least I am. I am also curious why they are up at this hour. Are they insomniacs? Do they have a job that demands an early rise (gas station, deli, public school ;)? Do they have two jobs and one of them starts super early? Or are they like me, trying to train themselves to be early risers?…

So, these are the thoughts that run through my mind sometimes at this hour… Between four and six in the morning, there are no requests being made of you. The time is purely yours.


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