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Practice What You Preach

19 Oct

As you may know, I work with myself continuously on becoming a better person: more compassionate, accepting, loving, and grateful. I try to consciously spread love around, even if the objects do not display any love towards me (rude drivers, nasty sales people, people knocking o my door to involve me in their religion, etc.). Sometimes I slip into “I just want to let those people know exactly what I think about them!!! [insert angry face here].

This morning, I had an opportunity to practice what I preach (compassion, acceptance, love, and understanding). Continue reading

Touching Lives. Making a Difference. Adding Value. Jaiselmer, India.

11 Jul

On this tour we have stayed in a little town called Jaiselmer, smack in the middle of Rajasthani desert. The Golden City is not big but very beautiful (minus the sand dust).

In that hotel there were four young men that worked as “everything” – they cooked, waited tables, cleaned, and fixes the place. So, they did everything and then some. The youngest one was only fourteen years old! And they oldest one was seventeen.

Now, before I go any further, I’d like to clarify what it is to be a white person with platinum blond hair and green eyes in India. People will ask to take a picture with you, they will ask you tons of questions and would want to shake your hand. They will also stare and follow you. You feel like you are a cross between an alien and a celebrity. A lot of local people consider it a privilege to converse with a tourist and especially if he or she invites you to sit down next to them.

On any trip I take, I like to get to know the local people. So, after we have settled down in our hotel, I have started asking questions of the four guys we had working there. I asked about heir hometown, their dreams, what they would want to do with their lives, whether they want to travel… Then I have asked whether I can take some portraits. Here are the portraits that came out:





When we were taking those portraits their eyes were shining, and the smiles were so broad and grateful! I think tourists rarely pay attention to people like this in addition to the fact that hotel staff are trained to be “invisible”. I could just see the appreciation in their eyes that a foreigner has taken the time to get to know them, ask questions, and be interested in them as human beings. One of the guys liked having his portrait taken so much, he even asked me if I can do it again! And here is the result:


It is possible that they will remember me for a while – some blond, pale American lady that liked taking pictures and get to know people. And that puts a smile on my face 🙂

A reflection, long overdue

27 Apr

I admit I have been MIA for a while. Between having a full time teaching job, taking two doctoral classes, privately tutoring students, time for myself is limited. Although I have not been blogging as much as I’d like, I have been exercising and going to SoShimSa for my weekly meditation.

I have also been gathering things and ideas for my big trip this summer -to India and Nepal. For instance, I have gathered a tremendous amount of paperwork for an Indian visa and have just received my passport back, with the visa attached, on Friday night. I have one more to go – visa to Nepal.

In general, I have been trying to live my life so that I enjoy every second of it and don’t just see time pass me by… I have been calling dad and speaking with him at least three times a week. I have been talking to my cousin in Russia that has just had his third child – a baby boy.

All in all, things have been good. No matter what annoys or angers me, I try to center myself and remind myself that I should be grateful – I am here, I am breathing, I am healthy and I am alive.

Sending all of you wonderful energy today.


Daily Inspiration -Enjoy!

9 Feb

Here are the images/quotes that I just find so moving and so true. Have a beautiful Sunday!





Your life is not a dress rehearsal

30 Jan

I used to wait for a “better moment” to experience things. Warmer weather, better people, cushier job, more inspiration… However, life is not a dress rehearsal for the play, you are already performing you play. Right now. So, don’t wait.

I have booked my 32 day trip to India and Nepal this week. Traveling the world is one of my utmost priorities, so why wait to do it? I have the time and I have the money. I don’t need anyone’s approval.

Remember, life is not a dress rehearsal, life is a play.




One Happy Saturday

26 Jan

…was today. I have taken inventory of things I have done today to see where my time has gone.

Up at 7:30. Coffee, breakfast, reading.
Grocery shopping, errands
Hot yoga 90 minutes
Graduate school work
An episode of “The Following”
Bed, WordPress, Oprah magazine. Zzzzzz…… 🙂

It for a great day, and for that, I am thankful…





Monday Motivation

20 Jan

Hello, Monday. To be honest, you are not liked by a lot of people. I, however, respect you for you represent that “clean slate” phenomena that is so good for many people. I don’t think you are that bad at all. I don’t think it’s you, I think it’s our attitude towards you.

Today, I plan on just being happy. And healthy. And kind, loving, and compassionate. Oh, and don’t forget creative.

Monday, I am glad you are here. Now let’s go out there and be awesome!

Sincerely, D.






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