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Good Morning from Agra

11 Jul

6AM in Agra, India. Up, face washed, teeth brushed. Horns beeping all over, work day starts. Tuk-tuk rikshaws hustling back and forth, streets become alive.

Phone call to room service gets me a big pot of coffee. Instant but the best one ever. Email check, all good, world is still here.

Grateful to be here, to have the opportunity to travel and get to know this amazing country. A country of extreme contrasts. The country of the kindest people.

Grateful to be on vacation here yet grateful to be a citizen of my own country. Feeling homesick. A sip of coffee. Deep breath.

Browsing through photos. Which one shall I share with the world today?…

Here it is:


All photos property of Daria Pizzuto

Daily Inspiration…

25 May





Daily Inspiration -Enjoy!

9 Feb

Here are the images/quotes that I just find so moving and so true. Have a beautiful Sunday!






Collect moments, not things…

29 Jan



Things that make me happy…

19 Jan


Cups of hot tea. Learning new things. Traveling to exotic places. Cozy fireplaces. Great books. Life conversations with friends. Seeing my students have aha moments. Spending time with my husband. Writing. Talking to dad. Hot yoga. That first cup of coffee. Snow. Full moon. Birds chirping. Winter holidays. All things summer. Beach. Bike. Late spring evening walks. Movies. Writing birthday cards. Sunrises and sunsets. Meditating at SoShimSa. Drifting to sleep. Waking up. Being who I am. Stroking a cat.

Oh I how love thee, Saturday morning…

18 Jan

Saturday mornings hold a special place in my heart. That first sip of coffee, a half an hour spent on Pinterest, another half hour spent reading my book. Calling my dad in Russia… Reflecting on the past week… Cats roaming around… Priceless!

Today will be filled with the following things: yoga, some grad school work, reading, laundry, ironing (and listening to TED lectures in the meantime), tea, and rest, rest, rest… I will not worry, I will not be anxious, I will not judge, I will not compare. I will just do what makes me happy.





Grateful Saturday

12 Jan

Strange dreams. Dreams of teaching, floating in space, and mother. Up. Coffee. Hubby. Reading. Foggy and wet outside. Oatmeal. Cozy. Timer set for one hour of uninterrupted reading. The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie. Decluttered a draw listening to a TED lecture. Accomplished.

Lunch with hubby. Warm sandwich, Panera Bread cafe packed. Closeness. Conversation. Barnes and noble. Browsing. Feeling of warmth and peace. Surrounded by books. Statistics for Dummies came home with me.

Home. Welcoming and familiar. Strategizing my two doctorate courses this semester. Excited. Worried. Looking forward. Long road yet wouldn’t have it any other way. Best friend. Skype. Emotion. Poland and USA. Secrets. Saying goodbye. Sadness.

Dallas Buyers Club movie. Matthew MacConahey amazes. Touched. Jared Leto. Hot.

Dinner. Hubby. Conversation. Reflection. Book. Bed. Raining. So good to be home!
Peace. Gratitude. Calm. Fulfillment. Little things in life.


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