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Fire pit is critical for fall…

22 Sep




Enjoying the fire last Friday night 🙂 ahhhh it’s the little things in life…

Excited for fall…

20 Sep

Fall has to be my most favorite season of all! And as much as I love summer, fall is the winner in my book.

This year I welcome fall in my new, big, old house. It will be amazing, I can feel it. And although fall season in a condo was also fun, I just cannot wait to start celebrating fall in this house. In fact, I already have:


I have made a fire in a fire pit two nights in a row. There is something about fire that relaxes and energizes me, I could stare at it for hours on end. Sitting in my back yard is such a treat, really.

At night the place is full of crickets and other nature sounds which I find so comforting. During the day you can spot many different kinds of birds, squirrels, chipmonks and last week I even saw a fox!

I have big plans for this fall. My hubby and I have decided that we will decorate the house on the fist day of that holiday month. For instance, for Halloween we will decorate on October 1st, for Christmas on December 1st, and so on…

This month I have also seen some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. Here is a sunset on Tuesday, September 16th:


I was thinking putting pumpkins on the porch, and perhaps some orange and mauve mums here and there. Oh, and, maybe even a corn stock.

This is the first year I am decorating for Halloween in such a big place so I am a little nervous. I will post pictures as time approaches 🙂

Everything else is going great so far. I love my teaching job at basking Ridge, I love all my students, and, with this new curriculum, we are having so much fun. I am so glad we have redesigned it this year.

My doctoral classes are progressing nicely although they take up a lot of my time by means of reading, essays, presentations and research papers. But I am learning so much.

I wish everyone an awesome Sunday tomorrow

Friday Happiness!

15 Aug

Japan Otters

Worrying myself sick – literally

26 May


My family and I are going through some major, however good, changes. I will announcethose changes in a few days. Needless to say, I am worrying. In fact, I worried so much last week thata I may have worried myself sick – on Friday night my throat was soar and on fire! 

After performing my feel-good precesses (tea, meditation, deep breathing, writing in my journal, hugging my hubby, reading), I started feeling a bit better…

Today was the apogee of my worries. Here is the plan I used to dissolve those unnecessary worries:

1. I distrackted myself with doing something productive.

2. I wrote in my journal asking the Universe to point me in the right direction, to give me a hunch.

3. I organized my week using Stephen Covey’s method (Seven Habits of Highly Effective People)

4. I gave gratitude for what I already have

5. I went for a walk. 

And although I can still feel a twinge of anxiety, I feel much better than I felt this morning. 

I just have to remind myself, what is the worst that could happen?

Enjoy this beautiful day!

A reflection, long overdue

27 Apr

I admit I have been MIA for a while. Between having a full time teaching job, taking two doctoral classes, privately tutoring students, time for myself is limited. Although I have not been blogging as much as I’d like, I have been exercising and going to SoShimSa for my weekly meditation.

I have also been gathering things and ideas for my big trip this summer -to India and Nepal. For instance, I have gathered a tremendous amount of paperwork for an Indian visa and have just received my passport back, with the visa attached, on Friday night. I have one more to go – visa to Nepal.

In general, I have been trying to live my life so that I enjoy every second of it and don’t just see time pass me by… I have been calling dad and speaking with him at least three times a week. I have been talking to my cousin in Russia that has just had his third child – a baby boy.

All in all, things have been good. No matter what annoys or angers me, I try to center myself and remind myself that I should be grateful – I am here, I am breathing, I am healthy and I am alive.

Sending all of you wonderful energy today.



Tiny Habits by Success Magazine

22 Mar

Tiny Habits by Success Magazine

When the phone rings, I grab a head set and start lunges or walking. “When I …, then I….”. Simple? Read on!

“Give and you shall receive” in action

18 Feb

Today went according my plan, made the night before. Up at 6AM, coffee, read “Florish” for 30 minutes (taking notes), and then hot yoga at 9:15. After 90 minutes of power vinyasas and Vishnu breathing, I went into the shower. When I was finished, a lady handed me a twenty dollar bill, saying you dropped this. Mind you, there was no one else there at that time, just me and her. I know it wasn’t mine because all of my cash was in my wallet, and the wallet – in the car. I never bring money to yoga, just the card to scan.

Well, since it wasn’t hers, and she insisted that it might have been mine, I took it. And then I remembered. Twenty dollars in singles was exactly how much I left in that Family Dollar store, on Valentine’s Day, as my random act of kindness.

I guess the Universe is paying me back. And the exact amount, at that! 

Now, my plan is to add another twenty to that twenty, and go leave it all in a laundromat.


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