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Seven False Beliefs That Are Holding You Back in Life

19 Jun
  • “I can’t tell the truth because I may get judged…”
  • “I don’t want to get close to this person lest my heart gets broken…”
  • “I don’t want to ask for what I want because, what if I get rejected?”
  • “I can’t trust people because I’ve been betrayed before…”
  • “I can’t pursue my dreams because I don’t know what I’d do if I fail…”
  • “I can’t do X because of Y…”

Sounds familiar? 🙂


I can feel the spring in the air…

12 Mar

I can feel the spring in the air...

Right after work I have made my way to the Great Swamp Nature Reserve and hiked around there for about 30 minutes. I have noticed that when I go to the gym right after work – then I feel more energized, satisfied and, in fact, happier.

I am grateful for this day. I am alive, I am well, I love and I am loved. Thank you for both victories and setbacks. May you all have a restful night. Tomorrow is another day.


A New Day

18 Oct


Being an early riser, I have some uninterrupted time to ponder many important things. Today I was thinking of this notion of a “new day”.

Every day we get the new day. We go to sleep, we dream, we wake up and then we get this gift – called the new day. A new day means a new chance to make a difference. It means an opportunity to make things right. It’s a chance to change your mind, make a decision, help someone. It’s a chance to start over. It’s a chance to appreciate the World we live in, it’s a chance to appreciate ourselves and our resilient nature.
It’s a new day. Welcome.

Grateful Wednesday in October

10 Oct

This week is going amazingly well. Work is busy (both at Seton Hall and Basking Ridge) but so, so fulfilling… Plus I am doing things after work, like lectures, seminars and taking walks.

On Monday I taught at Basking Ridge then drove to SHU for my night session. Got caught in terrible weather but made it on time and had a wonderful class.

On Tuesday I taught at Basking Ridge and then went to the New Beginnings: from Darfur to America presentation. What an inspiring event! Makes you appreciate simple things in life, like having a job and being safe.

Today was a wonderful day as well. After work (around 2:45) I picked up my shoes from the shoe maker, got my brother a birthday card, got a flue shot, and went to the library to pick up a new book to read. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into that!

I am not lying in bed, with cats by my side. I am grateful for the way my life has been unfolding – challenges and all… Thank you, and good night.


Refining My Life Values – Seeking Feedback from Readers

8 Sep

I had just performed a life expectancy test. According to the test, I’ll be living until I am 97… That is 65 years from now. I then had the idea to start working on my life values list. And here is the first draft:

1. Love.

2. Reflection.

3. Continuous learning.

4. Compassion.

5. Making a difference.

6. Friendship.

7. Self love and self compassion.

8. Balance.

9. Success.

10. Clarity.

I know I need to refine this list a bit. Feedback? Thanks!

Let’s Talk About Hair

31 Aug

We love our hair when it looks great. We hate it when it doesn’t look so great… I have been blessed with a lot, yet very thin, hair. I’d like to have more but 9 out of 10 times I’m ok with the mane I have been given.

Oprah has dedicated the whole issue to just hair. And these are some of the interesting questions she is asking her readers:

1. My daily hair routine consists of…

Alternating wash and dry shampoo. And although I don’t particularly enjoy the feeling of that dry shampoo in my hair, it gives it a clean look. And it saves so much time! There are days I have to be at the school at 7am, I cannot imagine washing, drying, and styling in the morning!

2. The best hair advice I’ve received is…

Cut it. I’ve always had super long tresses. Russian girls don’t really cut their hair, especially with a mother like mine. Having lived in the States for a while, i saw an elongated bob. Last year I went to visit my good friend in Poland and she brought me to the hair dresser that gave me an elongated bob look. I thought I looked phenomenal. And although I am now ready to try something else, I will always remember that liberating feeling when I first cut my hair.

3. My hair idol is…

Cameron Diaz. Fun, flirty and not afraid of change.

4. My most memorable style was…

A low-do for my wedding. My hair held out for 11 hours!!

What about you? What are some of your hair woes and dreams?



A stressful day was yesterday

26 Jul

A stressful day was yesterday

And today…. I’m breaking up with stress.

I couldn’t sleep. I had anxiety. I woke up with a stomachache.

After putting hot water bottle on my tummy and petting the cats, I can feel the pain subsiding…

What are your favorite strategies to deal with stress?

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