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My cat Apollo

20 Aug


“Please, God,  if I be a good kittie, may I have two cans of cat food tonight?”




“I’m just gonna try to be a goat. Mmmeeeeeeeeeehhhhh”

Last night, we fought

22 Feb

Last night, we fought… It started with me asking A to have a meaningful conversation, and him saying sure yet still clicking through Netflix. It continued with me going into the bedroom and sulking. It progressed with A sleeping in the other room. It grew as we woke up, not saying good morning or greeting each other, angry, disappointed. It culminated with me standing in the kitchen, crying, feeling my Ego as it overtook me, not letting me go to A and say I’m sorry.

It came to an end when I came to him, and weeped in his arms. It continued with me saying how sorry I am, and explaining the situation. I wanted a meaningful conversation, not small talk. He just came back from work, he wanted to unwind and watch some TV.

It continued as we went out and spend some time together, outside of the house. We had a meaningful, deep conversation. Flowing, asking and answering questions. Things I read that are important to me, things he notices in other people that he wanted to share…

Bottom line, we are both lucky.


Dear A

14 Feb

Dear A,

Happy Valentine’s day.
We express love on a regular basis, care for each other, listen to each other, support each other through challenges and celebrate each other’s breakthroughs.

I am lucky to have you in my life. Our love is strong, and even when we face challenges, we pull though and communicate. I appreciate you. I value you, as an independent person and as my husband. I admire you, and I am inspired by you.

Happy Valentine’s day, honey. I look forward to celebrating even more of these days with you.

All my love,



27 Oct














Weekly Reflection: What Have I Done Right and What Could I Have Done Differently?

26 Oct

As I give thanks for this week, I muse on various things that happened during this past week. I have been very productive, living in accordance with my life values. I have avoided laziness, and hibernation. I have worked hard on my goals and, on certain days, enjoyed the present moment.

Unfortunately, I have let anxiety take my inner world over. The thing is, I was observed on Friday, by our principal. All teachers get observed and being in the profession for many years, I know that it is the best way. However, I still get nervous, and still mull that lesson over and over in my mind. I think, and think, and analyze. Take the lesson apart and put it back together. WHY? It’s over and done. At the post-conference, I will receive her feedback and subsequently learn from it.  

Apart from being overly anxious, I had a wonderful week. I hiked, I meditated at So Shim Sa, I wrote, and read my book. I emailed and called some friends. Still waking up at 4AM, I went to the gym, reflected, and planned my days. I gave thanks for every new day and for all the wonderful things that are in my life right now. I visited a library and spend a great hour catching up on magazines. 

I give gratitude for all the things that are in my life at this moment, even if some of them are challenges. I send love and light to every person with whom I came in contact with this past week, and wish them well. I appreciate every day of my life, with no days being “favorite”, all days being equally wonderful for each new day is a gift.


Refining My Life Values – Seeking Feedback from Readers

8 Sep

I had just performed a life expectancy test. According to the test, I’ll be living until I am 97… That is 65 years from now. I then had the idea to start working on my life values list. And here is the first draft:

1. Love.

2. Reflection.

3. Continuous learning.

4. Compassion.

5. Making a difference.

6. Friendship.

7. Self love and self compassion.

8. Balance.

9. Success.

10. Clarity.

I know I need to refine this list a bit. Feedback? Thanks!

Vacation in Maine

23 Aug

This week A and I are on vacation. In Maine. And so far this trip has been more than amazing.

We arrived last Saturday and have been spending our time doing the following things: hiking Acadia, canoeing Acadia, biking in Acadia, watching sunsets in Acadia. Eating lobster, eating lobster rolls, eating woodie pies. Reading. Blogging. Talking. Laughing. Playing games. Relaxing.

I have a lot to say about Acadia National Park. I have been to some amazing places in this World and have seen some extraordinary sights: Machu Picchu, the Ring of Kerry, Luangprabang, Central Asian steppes, and Vietnamese lotus fields… But nothing compares with the beauty of Acadia National park. It’s so simple yet majestic: huge boulders, pines, and lakes. The trails leading to Dorr Mountain, Cadillac Mountain, the Gorge, the Jordan Pond, the Long Pond offer a completely different experience. My dream now is to hike Acadia in the fall for THAT kind of beauty you need to prepare yourself for.

Oh forgot… We have started our journey in a beautiful city of Portland, Maine. And the photo below is from Portland Museum of Arts. I find it truly amazing. It is called “Strawberries” by Eduard Manet.


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