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Thank you…

29 Oct


Thank you for this new day. Thank you for this beautiful time of year. Thank you for the crispness of the air, gorgeous sights, fun activities, quiet reflection and contemplation. Thank you for the motivation to keep me going, and sometimes, when there is no motivation left, self-discipline. Thank you for every opportunity that comes my way. Thank you for all the life lessons, however unpleasant they may be. Acceptance, mindfulness, gratitude, creativity, reflection.

Weekly Reflection: What Have I Done Right and What Could I Have Done Differently?

26 Oct

As I give thanks for this week, I muse on various things that happened during this past week. I have been very productive, living in accordance with my life values. I have avoided laziness, and hibernation. I have worked hard on my goals and, on certain days, enjoyed the present moment.

Unfortunately, I have let anxiety take my inner world over. The thing is, I was observed on Friday, by our principal. All teachers get observed and being in the profession for many years, I know that it is the best way. However, I still get nervous, and still mull that lesson over and over in my mind. I think, and think, and analyze. Take the lesson apart and put it back together. WHY? It’s over and done. At the post-conference, I will receive her feedback and subsequently learn from it.  

Apart from being overly anxious, I had a wonderful week. I hiked, I meditated at So Shim Sa, I wrote, and read my book. I emailed and called some friends. Still waking up at 4AM, I went to the gym, reflected, and planned my days. I gave thanks for every new day and for all the wonderful things that are in my life right now. I visited a library and spend a great hour catching up on magazines. 

I give gratitude for all the things that are in my life at this moment, even if some of them are challenges. I send love and light to every person with whom I came in contact with this past week, and wish them well. I appreciate every day of my life, with no days being “favorite”, all days being equally wonderful for each new day is a gift.


Hello, lovely fall

14 Sep

Whenever people ask me what my favorite season is, I usually reply that it’s fall.

There are so many things that are beautiful about fall.The crispness of the air, the sounds of birds in the morning, the color of turning leaves, the coziness of fall evenings, the feeling of new beginnings, the softness of fall clothing. Needless to say, I just love fall…

School has officially started last week – my full time in a public school and my part time at the university. Although the week included some very minor difficulties, in general it was an amazing week. I was so busy yet made time for myself- read, meditated, went to So Shim Sa, went to the gym, wrote, and went for a few jogs around the neighborhood.

Waking up at 4AM every day has been amazing. I am planning to continue although my husband thinks I am insane to be up at such hour. As I shared this with my good friend this week, I feel such vitality, playfulness, extraordinary motivation, fearlessness, and gratitude. I exercise every morning by alternating strength workouts with jogging, I strategize and plan my day. I read and write. I listen to lectures and motivational CDs from Success magazine. By 6 o’clock, I have accomplished more things than some people do in half a day.

During my early morning routines, I have made the following, very honest, observations:

1. Time is valuable and I hate wasting it.

2. When my husband streams endless episodes of some show, it drives me insane.

3. I tend to look down on people that are a) unmotivated, b) lead an unhealthy life style, c) chronic complainers, and d) “I can’t do that”-ers. Oh and e) ungrateful.

4. I get tired sometime by 6pm…

5. I do not miss being on Facebook. In fact, I am proud that I don’t have a FB account.

6. I am a sucker for motivational readings and audio. Especially from Success magazine.

7. My writing is terrible but it doesn’t bother me. I am here to reflect not get a Pulitzer prize.

8. As this new person has emerged, my friends started looking at my newly found levels of motivation and energy with awe, and a little bit of concern. I wonder why…

9. I cannot help feeling a sense of pride.

10. After recording how I am feeling after I started waking up super early, I have observed that I feel: accomplished, vital, refreshed, productive, creative, grateful, fulfilled, strong, and uplifted.

Thank you for reading. Please send positive energy so I could continue my quest to being super-motivated.


Why not now?

8 Sep

So far today is a very productive day…

One of the goals for today was to get through around 3 issues of Success Magazine that I just didn’t have any time to read. There was an article called “Why Not Now?” and it provided some very easy tips how to happier and healthier.

1. Believe in yourself. I know. Corny. But it works! I used to be a terrible pessimist but slowly train myself to consciously switch my outlook.

2. Sleep. Wow. What a no-brainier. I’ve always been a very good sleeper so one point for me 🙂

3. Eat lean food. Another wise suggestion. I naturally enjoy fruit and vegetables so no problem here.

4. Stop the train of runaway thoughts. Uff… That’s a biggie for me. Need to work on that. Usually I stop my negative thinking by asking myself ” is it beneficial?” And “what are you getting out of this thinking?” And the answer is always – no, and absolutely nothing.

5. Exercise. Have been, quite diligently. Actually, very proud of myself.

6. Hang out with a buddy. I can see how it’s beneficial for your happiness. Unfortunately, with two jobs and no Facebook account it became difficult to do that… Need to find a solution.

7. Take fish oil supplement. I am big on vitamin D as it truly works when I feel down. Perhaps I can try fish oil as well.

8. Quit smoking -not applicable.

9. Go to the park. Yes!! Being in nature releases stress that’s a given for me, at least once a week.

10. Not too much alcohol. D’uh. I rarely drink and if I do I keep in within the norms, one glass of wine.

What about you? How are YOU with the above categories?

Five (or maybe ten) things to be thankful for today…

31 Jul


July 31, 2013. So many things to be thankful for today:

1. Time at the Great Swamp Wildlife Refuge. I love nature, and I am so glad that I am making time to visit parks and reservations this summer. (Note to self – keep it up in the fall).

2. Modern technology that allows us to communicate with speed and accuracy. Thanks for the phone that always works and available. Send an email, call mom, text my hubby – easy.

3. The unconditional love of my husband. Will always be grateful for that. I can be a complete pain in you-know-what yet he has never made me feel unloved.

4. Great Expectations and Bleak House. Mr. Dickens, you are amazing.

5. Motivation to exercise regardless of whether I am happy or sad. Today I err on the sad side but I hit the gym regardless. Proud of myself.

Let’s see if I can now get to 10 things…

6. Water – fresh, cold, and readily available. There is someone in this world that has to walk for miles to get water. I can do what I please with it – drink, bathe, wash dishes. Or wash my yoga mat. Or my sneakers. Or sprinkle a little on my cats if I’m feeling silly.

7. The pool. I think that speaks for itself 🙂

8. Challenges: the Universe is sending challenges my way so that I learn something from them. And they might not be always pleasant, I grow because of them. I always win the prize – even if that “prize” is experience.

9. Meditation – I can feel my mind calm down and stop racing… Thank you, Deepak Chopra. (His meditations are available for download for free on iTunes).

10. My overall health – so many things to be thankful for in this area… I barely wear any makeup in summer but I looked into the mirror today and my skin is glowing, eyes are clear and body feels strong and supple, thanks to all the physical activity I’ve been doing. Will try to keep it up when fall comes.

And here you have it, folks. It was easier than I thought 🙂

Can you come up with five (or more) things you are thankful for today? I’d love to find out 🙂


Work Out Clothes – Secret Motivator?

18 Jul

After performing many careful observations and self-evaluations, I submit that what you wear to your workouts affects your actual workout motivation. My hypothesis is based purely on my own motivation and experience.

Let me set the premise first. I am 32, very healthy, and naturally thin, 5′ 8” and 120 lb. I know, I know. WHY do I EVER need to go to the gym?? (some people’s comments, recorded by me). The answer  is to be stronger and continue being as healthy as I am now.

My typical work out routine involves doing weights at the gym, maybe twice a week; a couple of hot yoga classes; a bike ride down in Watchung Reservation, if it’s not too hot or too cold. I also have a tendency to take long breaks – like 4 months of continuous laziness/busyness/discouragement…. Presently, I have been on a roll since about May but who knows what would happen when September rolls around? 😉

Last year my workout clothes consisted of ratty, old t-shirts four sizes bigger than me, and college sweats that have also seen better times. This year for Christmas my hubby got me some work out clothes made by VSX, a Victoria’s Secret sport line. A few happy, colorful headbands, really cute, bright-colored sports bras, and some brave yoga pants. My first reaction was to rebel. If you have seen the VSX models, you’ll understand – I am no prude but some outfits are  way too opened:


I was also a little skeptical – this is NOT the attire we wear to our gym in New Jersey!! (If you do, then I apologize, I am talking strictly about the gym I go to).

My husband (who works for VS Corporate Office) had convinced me to at least try the clothes on. I shyly put the hot pink sports bra on and we went to the gym. I do not know what it is about looking great when you workout but it truly does motivate you. You know those big mirrors every gym has? Well, imagine yourself wearing the outfit below or a ratty, shapeless t-shirt and old sweats:


I now wanted to go work out more often because I looked great. And that, in conjunction with working out, made me feel great, made me feel motivated.

I have started slow – a purple sports bra and yoga pants, but I now feel comfortable wearing shorts and a sports bra. Yes, your stomach is exposed, yes, people can see your legs. But guess what, you are at the gym, not in the opera.  And if they are gawking, it is clearly their problem, not yours.


To conclude, I submit that WHAT you wear to any of your workouts (whether it is a yoga class, spinning, plain old gym or running in the park) has some influence on your fitness motivation.  It surely did for me. What about you?

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