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Evening light

16 Jun

Backyard in the evening light calms my soul after a long day at work… I feel peaceful, the scent of citronella candle lingering around me. Deer come to visit… Neighbors scraping the yard. Night bird chirps here and there. Evening light slowly fades.





Backyard delight

14 Jun

I have never, ever had a backyard in my life. I mean EVER.

Now I my husband and I have a backyard that extends for .78 acre and in places looks like Watchung Reservation. For someone who is not familiar with Watchung reservation – it’s a gorgeous national reserve here in New Jersey. I am in love with trees and plants and shrubs and flowers that can be found there. This morning I came out with my cup of coffee and could truly appreciate the beauty of our new backyard.

Here are some photos I’d like to share with you:







Hello, January…

3 Jan


Welcome, January. I have many things to look forward to but especially the snow…
After I came out of SoShimSa tonight, everything was white… Beauty. Calm. Coziness. Winter.

November… Foggy and lovely

19 Nov

I have ventured out with my camera into my beloved Watchung Reservation. That November Sunday it was foggy, warm, a bit dark, and so, so quiet… It was a fabulous walk, and the pictures are proof that even a cloudy and a foggy day can be a fabulous day. For that, I am grateful.

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Good morning, Tuesday

15 Oct

One of my fellow bloggers suggested a very unique way to beat Sunday blues – decide there there could be NO favorite days. I have been trying to make very day of the week my favorite day. Yesterday I hiked in the Great Swamp, and here are some photos:




Let us all make today our best day. It’s a brand new day 🙂

Freedom continues, productivity and happiness increase

10 Jul

It has still not been 24 hours since I deleted my Facebook account but I don’t miss it. I thought I would miss it terribly but, au contrair, I feel just fine. Since this morning the sense of absolute freedom has not left me. Since I dropped my husband off at the train station at 7:15, I have been so productive! After having a cup of coffee, I went to yoga. Since I didn’t realize that Summit is a bit further than I thought, was late and couldn’t get it. Since the road back home ran right by Wathung Reservation, I stopped by for a short hike and meditation. I set my timer for 10 minutes and just sat there, contemplating life. When the timer went off, I said a short prayer of gratitude and moved on. 

The hike was amazing. I observed ducks, snails, blue birds, cicadas (dead ones) and one giant crane. As I was walking around, I felt deep gratitude to be able to come here any time I want…

It is not even 1 pm, and I had time to hike, reflect, meditate, blog, listen to NPR, listen to a lecture about Islam from the Great Courses, put my manual camera up for sale on Craigslist, take a shower, clean the kitchen and the bedroom, upload documents for our mortgage application, make and eat a beautiful salad… Since I plan to hold myself accountable, here is what I have planned for the rest of the day: go to the pool, study for my upcoming GRE, read my book, study a bit more… Interestingly,we are only concerned with what we NEED to do,not with what we have ALREADY done. I am trying to break that pattern 🙂 I will keep you up to date on whether I am successful.


Morning, Lake Surprise, Watchung Reservation

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