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Five Things to Be Grateful For

6 Sep

Good morning. I hope everyone who stops by today is well.

Here are my five things that I am grateful for at this moment:

1. Cool, fresh air and a sky full of stars. As I left the house at 4:30am for my morning workout, the air smelled amazing and the sky was FULL of stars. You don’t really see much of them in New Jersey (especially next to route 22) but this morning was spectacular. I keep noticing that there are three stars that are connected to one another, like the necklace. Anyway, I’ll look them up later.

2. Motivation. Thank you for keeping me highly motivated to stick to my 4am waking time. The results are as follows: been to the gym 3 times, yoga 2 times, read my book, wrote in my journal, cleaned, got ready without rushing, had time to reflect. My mornings has been amazing ever since. I now actually look forward to waking up.

3. The workouts. I feel like I have more energy, my mood has improved, and, of course, I can see the muscle tone.

4. Meditation sessions at So Shim Sa Zen center. I still can’t believe I have found them. I like to go twice a week, for Buddhist service, a meditation session, and a tong-dong practice.

5. My career. I have two amazing jobs (full and part time) where I am valued and growing. Looking forward to today!

Extra credit: I am so thankful for my relationship with A. He is extraordinary amazing.


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