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Planning Outfits -Week Two

15 Sep


Week Two of outfits planning. After consulting my calendar and scanning the weather report, I have created a full week of great looking outfits. Monday is my long day so the outfit is stylish yet comfortable. Wednesday I am seeing my girl friends for dinner and our Speak To Me group so my outfit is elegant yet fun. Thursday is back to school night – Thursday outfit is professional and very elegant… And Friday – well, it speaks for itself – fun, fun, fun. It’s a summer dress that will be dressed with fall accessories thus making the transition.

Here is to Week Two of Outfit Planning 🙂

A Week of Outfits

14 Sep


Organized to a tee – trying out a new system where I put my week of outfits the weekend before. After checking the weather and my calendar, I arrange the outfits from Monday to Friday. Last week was the first week I tried this system. The verdict: I love it. I don’t have to think in the morning! 🙂

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