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Worrying myself sick – literally

26 May


My family and I are going through some major, however good, changes. I will announcethose changes in a few days. Needless to say, I am worrying. In fact, I worried so much last week thata I may have worried myself sick – on Friday night my throat was soar and on fire! 

After performing my feel-good precesses (tea, meditation, deep breathing, writing in my journal, hugging my hubby, reading), I started feeling a bit better…

Today was the apogee of my worries. Here is the plan I used to dissolve those unnecessary worries:

1. I distrackted myself with doing something productive.

2. I wrote in my journal asking the Universe to point me in the right direction, to give me a hunch.

3. I organized my week using Stephen Covey’s method (Seven Habits of Highly Effective People)

4. I gave gratitude for what I already have

5. I went for a walk. 

And although I can still feel a twinge of anxiety, I feel much better than I felt this morning. 

I just have to remind myself, what is the worst that could happen?

Enjoy this beautiful day!

The Gratitude Chain – Join Me!

6 May


Today, let us be grateful for the little things. I am grateful for the sunshine, for the cool breeze, for clean water, and for a tasty cup of coffee this morning. I am grateful for my job that gives me plenty of income; for my doctoral program that expands my mind and opens doors for me; for the unconditional love of my husband. I feel truly blessed having found the field that I enjoy and for having a purpose in life.


Now, it is your turn! What are some of the little (or big) things you are thankful for? Please leave a comment below. Let’s keep this grateful energy flowing! 🙂


Yes, you are. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Peace of mind. That is all you really need, no?…


I am radiating some positive vibes this morning. Can you feel them? 🙂


Love yourself, cherish yourself, take good care of yourself, listen to yourself, appreciate yourself.


I couldn’t have put it better myself! By taking that first step, you are already ahead of everyone else, who is not taking that step.

Attitude is everything!

4 May

I am currently readng the book titled Life’s Greatest Lessons by Hal Urban. What an amazing read! The book is soulful, clear, and unpretentious. Yesterday I read a Chapter on attitude. How attitude is the most important key to living a full life… How with the right attitude you can move mountains and introduce great change into your life and the lives of others.

Needless to say, I was armed with a highlighted to help me remember these wise words and apply them to myself. Then I was off on Pinterest searching for more inspiration, and I’d like to share that with you:






A sick day

1 Apr

Today I stayed home, sick. Runny nose, watery eyes, achy body and head, out of this word fatigue, and a sore throat – classic symptoms of a cold.

I promised myself that I will not feel guilty for taking a sick day. Our district gives us 10 sick days per 10 months of employment… I have used two last fall when I was sick with the same cold… But it is not the case of taking a sick day. It’s more of a case being unproductive when being sick.

I understand that my body needs rest. Early in the morning, before seven, I went to the store and picked up a few things. Ginger root, soup veggies, lemon. Came home, made tea, and homemade chicken soup.

Since then I have been reading, drinking my soup and tea, and blogging. Cats have been keeping me company. Here is to a quick recovery soon 🙂

Self evaluation – looking back at the passed week

16 Mar

The past week was a great week. You don’t realize how much you do. Let us see…

Apart from teaching all week and tutoring students privately, I have found time to do the following things:

Monday – strength training for 1 hour.
Tuesday – a 30 minute hike in the Great Swamp Nature reserve.
Wednesday – strength training for 45 minutes
Thursday – school work and read some more of NW.
Friday – treated myself to two episodes of the Borgias, then grad school work.
Saturday- 90 minutes of Vinyasa yoga in the morning, in the afternoon- a walk with hubby. Stats midterm for. MOOC from U Berkeley.
Today is Sunday. I have another 90 minutes of Vinyasa, then a movie with hubby, then…. Chores: ironing, TED videos, higher ed reading, and perhaps read some more of my book or go for a walk.

How is your Sunday looking?


I can feel the spring in the air…

12 Mar

I can feel the spring in the air...

Right after work I have made my way to the Great Swamp Nature Reserve and hiked around there for about 30 minutes. I have noticed that when I go to the gym right after work – then I feel more energized, satisfied and, in fact, happier.

I am grateful for this day. I am alive, I am well, I love and I am loved. Thank you for both victories and setbacks. May you all have a restful night. Tomorrow is another day.

Feeling better….

10 Mar

For the past three weeks I have been feeling very out of sorts, both mentally and physically. I have been trying to resolve some problems with mom (the eternal pain in my neck) and couldn’t do it…. I think I need to give her a bit more time… She just refuses to talk to me – plain and simple. And I, on the other hand, just cannot wrap my head around how angry and bitter she can be. She can avoid you for months, even years. It is a painful topic that usually gets me out of my good mood.

I am trying to accept the way she is. Trying.

Apart from that, I have been working hard in my professional life. I love my job and I love being a part of my doctoral program. I am super self disciplined and stay on top of all of my assignments. I think discipline is key when you are going to grad school. It only seems unmanageable if you do it all at once. I break it up. For instance, on Saturday I do a little higher ed, then stats. Then on Sunday I do both of my stats courses (Seton Hall and Berkeley).

I am also starting to slowly go back to my workout routine- hot yoga on weekends and strength training at the gym during the week. Today I have over fulfilled my 30 minutes quota by another 30 minutes. Yay me 🙂

Lastly, I have been going to SoShimSa for my weekly meditation session – extended sitting, for pros, like me 😉

Please send your positive energy so that I can continue with all that is good. Thank you for reading!


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