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Evening light

16 Jun

Backyard in the evening light calms my soul after a long day at work… I feel peaceful, the scent of citronella candle lingering around me. Deer come to visit… Neighbors scraping the yard. Night bird chirps here and there. Evening light slowly fades.






Amazing Maine…

25 Aug

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Vacation in Maine

23 Aug

This week A and I are on vacation. In Maine. And so far this trip has been more than amazing.

We arrived last Saturday and have been spending our time doing the following things: hiking Acadia, canoeing Acadia, biking in Acadia, watching sunsets in Acadia. Eating lobster, eating lobster rolls, eating woodie pies. Reading. Blogging. Talking. Laughing. Playing games. Relaxing.

I have a lot to say about Acadia National Park. I have been to some amazing places in this World and have seen some extraordinary sights: Machu Picchu, the Ring of Kerry, Luangprabang, Central Asian steppes, and Vietnamese lotus fields… But nothing compares with the beauty of Acadia National park. It’s so simple yet majestic: huge boulders, pines, and lakes. The trails leading to Dorr Mountain, Cadillac Mountain, the Gorge, the Jordan Pond, the Long Pond offer a completely different experience. My dream now is to hike Acadia in the fall for THAT kind of beauty you need to prepare yourself for.

Oh forgot… We have started our journey in a beautiful city of Portland, Maine. And the photo below is from Portland Museum of Arts. I find it truly amazing. It is called “Strawberries” by Eduard Manet.


Summer days, filled with wonder

7 Aug

Ever since this summer started, my days have been filled with all kinds of physical activities: gym, hot yoga, swimming, hiking, and riding a bike. 

Additionally, I have been reading voraciously, spending time on meditation, blogging, and learning about things I usually don’t have time for. I have also been practicing mindfulness in every day things like washing dishes, brushing my teeth, driving, standing in a line, having coffee…

I’d love to share a few photo collages that give a good idea of my biking ventures. Those photos are only one small part of my summer 2013 photo folder… Is it bad that I take so many? I keep telling myself that I am creating the memories. I plan on looking at them sometime in January 😉


Watchung Reservation has been my all season soul-nurturing place. I come here to read, hike, ride a bike, meditate.




Sandy Hook is also my all time favorite place to be. History, beach, perfect biking trails, ice cream trucks… One word- heaven!

A Beautiful Monday

29 Jul

Lake Surprise, Watchung Reservation in late afternoon.

Up at six, coffee, email, shower. Breakfast. Seventy five minutes of hot yoga has me feeling good… A banana on the way back. Water. Lunch. Kitchen is clean. Two lectures from the Great Courses. Two hours at the pool – even better! Application to Seton Hall submitted, fingers crossed… I won’t be able to apply to TC until September…

Please send positive energy 🙂

Summer Questions, Part 1

22 Jul

1. I love to spend a summer day…

By reading a great book, splashing in the pool, getting a bit of a tan, having a nice conversation, and going out for drinks after the sun sets.

2. I celebrate big moments by…
Getting together with all my friends and family, reflecting in my journal, saying a prayer of gratitude.
3. I am happiest….
When I am a) learning something new, b) when I am surrounded by people I love, c) when I see my father for our annual reunions in Europe.
4. If I could meet any fictional character, that would be…
Jane Eyre. Over 5 o’clock tea, I would tell her how much I admire her courage.
What about you?… I’d love to hear 🙂

July is here :)

1 Jul

Today is July 1st. School is over, grades are in, classroom is clean and the keys are passed on to administration. See you in September! I have to say, my school in Basking Ridge, New Jersey is quite phenomenal… They have an open-minded, cutting edge, creative approach to education. We can sign out iPads for the kids any time. We can and are encouraged to use as much technology as possible. Amazing.

School is out and now I find myself looking for things to do. My goal is to really made these summer days count. Summer is the time that we yearn for and look forward to all year… So, I have plans, great plans… I plan to visit a few museums in New York city, go kayaking, have a picnic for July 4th, ride my bike, hike Watchung Reservation and Great Swamp, blog more, exercise, write in my journal, continue learning with Great Courses, make connections, venture out with my camera and snap pictures; feng shui my house by throwing even more stuff out and perform space clearing, and, of course, the biggest one of all – read books. Fiction, summer novels, mysteries, memoirs… 

PS: I have been off since last Thursday and really have been plugging away at doing stuff I usually don’t have time to do: exercise, read and finished the book, studying for my upcoming GRE’s, decluttered (big time!), meditated, wrote in my journal, swam in the pool, spent some quality time with hubby, called friends, etc.

I plan to continue in a similar manner and update my progress here. Here is to a wonderful, productive yet relaxing summer!

What do you do to make these precious summer days count? 





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