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Seven Habits of Highly Effective People worksheet

30 Mar

My bedroom is my sanctuary. Every Sunday, I make sure I have at least two hours to dedicate to myself and my mental wellbeing. I sit in my bedroom, with a closed door, and I plan, strategize, review my goals, give thanks, and evaluate the past week.

I have started using Steven Covey’s worksheet. It allows you to see yourself as a person that wears many hats: wife, daughter, teacher, student, friend, etc. and then you set goals for each role. You also schedule activities that benefit your wellbeing, called “sharpening the saw” activities. Such activities include reading, exercise, meditation, calling a friend, volunteering, spending time with your pets, writing, and perhaps even knitting?

I have looked at the past week and saw that I have accomplished SO much. Sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit for being productive. Usually I feel like I have not done anything but then I wonder as to why I am so tired at the end of the week… After looking at the past week’s worksheet, it was clear that I have been extremely productive and proactive. It is clear that I have taken care of my mind and my body, in addition to having a full time job, taking doctoral classes and being a good wife and friend.

I am proud of myself and my body and mind. Apart from doing an outstanding job at my full time job, I have had tutoring sessions with a student thus earning extra money to put towards my travel.
Apart from being a diligent doctoral student, I have reached out to our board of education and filed for tuition reimbursement.
In addition, I have spent quality time with my hubby and made sure the house is clean, warm and welcoming.
Apart from all that I did strength training two times, went for a refreshing walk once, and went to two 90 minute hot yoga classes yesterday and today. On Thursday I have gone to SoShimSa for an extended sitting of meditation. Yesterday I have dedicated two full hours to reading my book called NW.

I have also bonded with a friend over lunch and had written a long overdue email to a friend of mine in Switzerland. A and I have watched a film last night and had dinner and talked.

I have just read what I have written and I am amazed at how productive I have been for the past week. In general, I am a very active kind of person, but I have never actually taken into account all the things I do during the week and on a weekend.

I’d like to ask my readers, how do you evaluate your week? Is there a tool you would like to share? Thank you so much!

The Comfort Zone

1 Dec

I have been feeling warm and cozy lately. Both at home and at work. That probably means I have hit a plateau and possibly stopped growing.

At home A and I get along great, even when we argue, we argue in a very respectful way. We support each other, and each other’s interests and hobbies. We both have our jobs that we enjoy that make us more than stable in a financial sense. We still do our “Hat Treaty” stuff where we go and try different things, together, whether it’s rock climbing or a burlesque show in NYC.

From a professional stand point, I definitely feel warm and cozy. Both Basking Ridge and Seton Hall are going well – busy as usual but pleasant. This warm, fuzzy feeling of “everything is going great” is a sign that I have stopped growing. And I need to do something about it.

I am still waiting to hear from Seton Hall and whether they are willing to take me into their PhD program. If it’s a no (which is very possible), then I will be looking into other ventures, possibly Columbia. I am searching for things to supplement my professional development with – KDP webinars, listening to lectures, taking notes on new strategies, connecting with people on Twitter. In fact, I plan to dedicate 2 hours next week to professional research, whether it’s in the area of teaching World Languages or the area of school administration. TWO hours researching,reading articles, taking notes, collaborating, etc. This way I know that I am moving forward.

Here is how my week is looking so far:

Monday – Basking Ridge, then Seton Hall. Late night. Finish at 7PM, home by 7:30PM.

Tuesday – BR 7AM till 2:35PM, tutoring a student for 1 hour, home at 4:00. A webinar at 8PM till 9:15PM, on Common Core.

Wednesday – BR, spend 1 hour researching anything in my field. Then – see “Fun” list.

Thursday – BR, then So Shim Sa evening service and meditation, 5:30 to 7PM.

Friday – BR, free night. See “Fun” List.

My wake up time is 4AM, followed by gym, coffee, reading for the soul, breakfast, and getting ready for work. A and I are out of the door at 6AM.

Also, at the beginning of the week, I put together a “Fun” list of activities that I enjoy, and choose from it during the week. This way my week is not garbled up by work and errands only.

Week of 12/1/2013 “Fun” list:

~ read

~ take a walk (possibly with my Nikon)

~ call/text/email a friend

~ watch a TED video

~ listen to the Great Courses lecture, take notes. (Currently World Religions series).

~ visit a local library

~ write a blog post

~ meditate for 20 minutes (timer set).

~ re-evaluate and strategize my goals.

Hopefully, the above things will help me get out of my comfort zone, and really use my time productively this coming week…

What about you? How do you know when you are in the comfort zone? How do you get out of it? Please share!

Have a great week!

(Below are the pictures I have snapped during one of my many walks with my Nikon at Watchung Lake).

7-DSC_0018 8-DSC_0013-001 6-DSC_0020 9-DSC_0009-001 5-DSC_0022 4-DSC_0024 3-DSC_0026 2-DSC_0027


November… Foggy and lovely

19 Nov

I have ventured out with my camera into my beloved Watchung Reservation. That November Sunday it was foggy, warm, a bit dark, and so, so quiet… It was a fabulous walk, and the pictures are proof that even a cloudy and a foggy day can be a fabulous day. For that, I am grateful.

01-DSC_0003-002 02-DSC_0004-002 03-DSC_0005-002 04-DSC_0007-002 05-DSC_0010-002 06-DSC_0011-002 07-DSC_0012-002 08-DSC_0013-002 09-DSC_0017-002 10-DSC_0021-002 11-DSC_0024-002 12-DSC_0027-002 13-DSC_0028-002 14-DSC_0029-002 15-DSC_0032-001 16-DSC_0033-001

On coziness….

10 Nov

I love the feeling of cheer coziness. And it looks like today might be one of those perfect days… The air is crisp, the sun is shining, the leaves are bright, and the wind is fresh. I might go for a walk, definitely will go to So Shim Sa…

Let this Sunday be filled with special little things.



Fall Beauty

13 Oct


A. and I have decided to take a hike the Watchung Reservation today for a few hours. Neither he or I have been there since the summer.

The air was crisp, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping,and the smell of fall leaves was intoxicating. I am attaching some evidence of amazing fall beauty we saw.








21-DSC_0023 17-DSC_0019 14-DSC_0016








Oh Sunday…

9 Oct

I have come to realize that I tend to get Sunday blues. Usually, on a Sunday, around 4PM I feel down, anxious, nervous and dreading the upcoming week. By the time 8PM rolls around I am ok and submit to the inevitanle – next week is starting, whether I like it or not.

Lately I have been having cases of Sunday blue more acutely. When reflecting, I realize that it is because of various factors:

~ my new teaching job at Little Ferry. I am glad that I got out of Carrier, but still my new job is bringing me anxiety. Solution – give it time.

~ a leak in the ceiling. When hurricane Irene hit Jersey, the ceiling in my bedroom have developed a leak. A big leak. I have been going back and forth with the association but with no result. They have promised to fix it but with no defenite dates. THAT is what driving me crazy. Ambiguity.

~ desire to move up to North Jersey, rent an apartment, sell the condo, and quit dealing with our HOA once, and for all.

~ dry skin on my face! All of a sudden. I believe it’s stress-related.

I feel like I should relax and do my best. Always do my best. This way I am never disappointed.

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